Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We arrive in Hong Kong!

We arrived in Hong Kong. The cruise has flown by so quickly it's difficult to believe it's over.
Hong Kong is like NYC but moreso. A small place with 7.5 millon people, not counting visitors. We took a short tour of Kowloon, first stop was the 'happy house ' or toilet at the Jade Market and food market. Unfortunately Rick was not happy when he saw the squatty potty. We saw an amazing huge Buddhist temple and people bringing offerings and asking for wishes. It was quite fascinating; some even brought whole roasted pigs and placed them on a paper (to keep it clean) prayed and then took the meat home for the family. We visited a Nunnery that was a beautiful wooden structure, built with no nails. Beautiful bonsai and topiary and ponds with water lillies.
They dropped us off and we grabbed a taxi to our hotel.

So far we have enjoyed the Holiday Inn- (great two person shower, brilliant design) free internet and comfortable bed. We were feeling a bit tired of all the fancy food so we had some plain pasta and walked around the neighbourhood. Even at 10 pm it was hopping.We went to a mall that is 25 stories high, and had a dim sum breakfast with congee and a really good steamed pork bun.
Today we are going to try to see Stanley Park and Market and maybe have some seafood. Here in contrast to the rest of our trip, there are mostly cars not motorbikes.

My Third Presentation

We woke up on day 12 Day at Sea to find that there was no mention of Tai chi on the program! I called the program administrator to see if it was cancelled. It was not cancelled but an oversight in the printing of the program, so they made an announcement at 12:30 to let people know it was still on. Unfortunately only 20 people made it, but we had a great time anyways. This hiccup made me a bit philosophical, so I talked a little about the Tai Chi philosophy.

I used the metaphor of the motorbikes in the countries we visited, how they seemed to flow and find the smoothest route to their destination. We saw little children learning the way of doing this from the experience of driving on their parents' bikes. I used this comparison to how doing tai chi for many years also teaches us how to flow with life. Sometimes we gain speed, pass others on the way, feel the wind in our faces and at other times we slow down, stop, hit a bump in the road, have to detour a blockage in the road, yield to a stronger force, all while learning. That is how we experience the philosophy of Tai Chi and integrate it into our lives.
We then spent the rest of the session learning the moves from the 10 form. Everyone had a great time.