Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Second Presentation

We started a bit late after the cocktail tasting seminar....but it went amazingly well. About 65 people trickled in and I did a shorter talk portion ( about 12 mins) and then we reviewed the 3 moves from the previous lecture for the last 45 mins. They were very receptive and picked it up quite well. Mostly everyone was able to stand for the whole class, there were a few who had to sit, but again no one left till the end! The round room was really tight so I taught them the moves on the spot rather than trying to get foot work in. That worked out well. I had a ball and everyone seemed to enjoy it! The nicest part of speaking on a cruise is meeting people from all over. Several people came up at the end to say how they enjoyed the presentation, and that was very gratifiying.

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