Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Day in Hong Kong and home!

We had great intentions to go to early morning Tai Chi class, but alas we woke up leisurely this morning at 9 after a good rest. It was needed. This trip has been so exciting and demanding we just needed a day to coast. Early morning breakfast in the hotel was a chicken congee, dim sum and steamed pork bun, all of excellent quality. This time we explored some different neighbourhoods, had soup and sushi and then got ready to leave.

We arranged the airport express and enjoyed the drive to the airport. New and situated in the hilly west end surrounded by more huge skyscraping condos, it is an amazing city of contrasts: old and new are merged together in a yin yang kind of harmony.

The new airport is stunning. The architecture is modern and light filled. Even on a dull day it is bathed in outside light. Surprisingly it is QUIET! In the main halls there are no flight announcements. There is a variety of very nice restaurants both western and Chinese. Lots of shops to browse.
Going home from this amazing trip, we need a vacation LOL!
thanks for joining us
Rick and Linda

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